“I had a deep vein in my leg that was embarrassing but I lived with it until it became a pain problem. My vein was so bad, I know I was a challenge, but Dr. Barr and his staff have been great.” –Linda Robinson

“My varicose veins were so big and painful that I had to stop playing tennis. Since the surgery, my legs feel and look better every day. And I’m playing tennis again.” – Brenda Wilson

“I first started noticing some pain about a year before my surgery and the pain got progressively worse. One of my coworkers recommended Dr. Barr.  I had both my legs worked on at the same time, my right leg is wonderful and my left leg is feeling better by the day. I had the procedure at his office. It was easier than going to a big facility. –Peggy Duchesne

“After my vein surgery, I am working out again, getting into shape. I like to ride a stationary bike and had to give that up before because my legs would swell. Pushing the pedals on a school bus did take a toll on my legs, but now I can drive my bus pain free.” –Andre Howell

“I am tickled to death about the final result. Now I am having some cosmetic spider veins treated, just so now, I can have Marilyn Monroe legs. My ankles were blue and I was always worried about how they looked. Now I can be proud of my legs and they don’t hurt.” –Linda Robertson

“I knew I had to do something, I was in pain. The results of my surgery are nothing short of a miracle. Ladies don’t put it off!” –Geraldine Stanley

“I was able to start using my treadmill again just two weeks after my surgery. I am up to two miles now… and no pain.” –Steve Best